You have been running for several weeks now. The weather is starting to warm up and you are starting to get into a groove.

You are well into 4 mile run when suddenly you feel something. Something that doesn’t feel right. It is something that you haven’t felt before. Your knee starts to feel like something inside is pulling every time you extend your leg. You pass it off thinking that it was a freak occurrence and the next time you head out it will be fine.

But it isn’t. You decide to take a few days off hoping that it fixes the problem. It doesn’t help.

Next thing you know you are sitting in a doctor’s office with a running injury.

Hurt Runner - The Rookie Dad
Image Courtesy of Runner’s World

This of course is only an example of a possible injury that you could have while you run. I write this as I am dealing with my own personal running injury. It never fails, that I will inevitably skip a few weeks of running.  Not out of choice but because life just got in the way and the moment that I got back out on the pavement, my knee started to act up.

I had never been injury prone when I was running. I felt invisible. When I picked up running last year, everything felt like it was falling into place. I was able to keep up the miles without pain. Over confidence was my inevitable downfall.

I tried to push my way through it, which only made matters worse. I decided that I would take a few days off and that turned into two weeks due to an unrelated running injury to my foot in the meantime.

Having learned from my previous experience with the knee injury, I will ease my way back into running. When my knee was acting up, I had been pushing myself to hard. Forgetting what I had learned from the runs I went on early on and speeding up my pace. Putting strain on my knee. Sidelining me from running for weeks.

One thing to remember when you pick up any sport, like running, you will at some point end up with an injury. Don’t let that deter you though. You’ll come out of it stronger than you were before because of it.  It can be easy to call it quits at the first hint of pain when you run. Don’t give up though, take a rest, you’ll feel better because of it.

As I ease back into the mileage that I had become used to, my body is feeling incredible.  It is feeling much stronger and healthier than it did before.

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