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Living with two boys, things always tend to get weird throughout the day. Strange and wild noises are all just part of the day. There is not a day that goes by that my wife and I look at each other and wonder what is going on in our home as our kids run around. 

Zo Zo Zombie

Many Saturday mornings, when we are making breakfast, our morning cartoons have been replaced with whatever the kids can find on YouTube. The saying, “no sense in crying over spilled milk,” takes on a whole new meaning when our kids are spitting their milk from their noses as they watch the latest funny video. 

Zo Zo Zombie and Spin Master

Now thanks to Zo Zo Zombie, a new series from Spin Master that is rolling out on YouTube in April, these questions will be even more commonplace for us. Far from average, Zo Zo Zombie , is a cross between boy scout and an underdog who won’t be kept down. He could be considered one of the friendliest zombies. Zo Zo’s adventures are always by himself. It never fails that he is only trying to help but seems to lose a limb by trying to do the right thing. 

Eating eyeballs
Eating eyeballs!

Zo Zo Zombie had our two boys enthralled and laughing on the couch. 

Zo Zo Zombies friend and his friend Isamu are guaranteed to gross-out your kids while your kids also are laughing from all of the gags and slap-stick humor. 

Watching Zo Zo Zombie

If your kids need a good old fashioned zombie show that will have them disgusted while spitting their morning milk out of their noses, be sure to check out Zo Zo Zombie. New episodes will be rolling out all year and you can watch and subscribe on YouTube.

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